Why select Quickcheck as your specialist smoke alarm service provider?

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Our smoke alarm service prices are lower than other specialist service providers.

We maintain insurance recommended by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland.

Our technical staff maintain an in-depth working knowledge of the Building Code of Australia as it relates to smoke alarms to ensure
properties are compliant.

Maintenance and installation services are undertaken in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.

Services are performed by staff who have undergone training and assessment by a Queensland Fire Service certified trainer.

We install high quality alarms at a low cost.

We ensure that existing smoke alarms are located correctly and relocate them if required (at no additional cost).

The compliance check fee is the same regardless of how many smoke alarms are located on the property.

For properties listed on the Annual Compliance Program, we revisit the property regardless of how many tenancy changes or renewals occur throughout the year. We will also revisit the property in the event that issues are reported concerning an alarm (at no additional cost).

We provide you with information, template letters and authorisation forms to send to your property owners.

While anyone can just 'press a button' to test an alarm is sounding, we undertake thorough smoke alarm maintenance services that include spray activation tests (smoke simulation) to ensure that the alarm will activate in the event of smoke/fire. We also detach the alarm and thoroughly clean it (as dust and insects can stop them from working correctly) and test and change the batteries, if required (at no additional cost).

We provide a detailed service report for each service undertaken to attach to the Residential Tenancies Authority Entry Condition Report. This ensures that there is evidence on file outlining that services have been undertaken by a specialist service provider.

We provide same day service for malfunctioning alarms or other urgent issues.

We maintain a detailed database that records all services we undertake on each property.


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Why use Quickcheck?
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Why use Quickcheck?
Why select Quickcheck as your specialist smoke alarm service provider?
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