Pool Pre-Inspection checklist

This checklist has been designed to assist property owners prior to a pool safety inspection. It in no way substitutes for having a licensed pool safety inspector certify the pool.



o   Have you made sure that trees near the fence are trimmed so that children can't use them to climb?

o  Is there a clear 300mm non-climbable zone on the inside of the fence?

o   Is there a clear 1200mm non-climbable zone on the outside of the fence?

o   Is there a current CPR sign on display?

o   Have climbable items been removed from near the fence?

o   Is there a 900mm 'clear zone' where the pool fence intersects another fence?


If you have answered  No to any of these questions, your pool fence may not be compliant.




o   Does the gate open away from the pool?

o   Is the top of the latch 1500mm from the ground?

o  When closed, is the gate secure and will not pull free?

o   Does the gate self close from any position?

o   Does the gate close from resting on the strike plate?

o   Are the hinges 900mm apart or non-climbable?

o   Is the gap between the gate and the ground 100mm or less?




o   Are all fence panels present?

o   Are all fixings tight and secure?

o   Is the gap between the fence and the ground 100mm or less?

o   Is there no direct door/window access to the pool?

o   Is the height of the fence 1200mm or higher?

o   Is the distance between climbable horizontal rails 900mm or more?

o  When squeezing vertical bars, is the gap on either side less than 100mm?


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