From 1 December 2010, pool safety certificates are required when selling or leasing a property with a pool. Licensed pool safety inspectors issue a certificate after they have recorded the certificate details on the pool safety register. Pool owners and others, such as real estate agents, can search the register.

The main role of pool safety inspectors is to inspect pools to determine whether or not they comply with pool safety standards. After inspection, the inspector issues a pool safety certificate or nonconformity notice, depending on the outcome of the inspection. The nonconformity notice states why the pool doesn't comply and what needs to be done to make it comply.

Pool Safety Certificates are valid for one year for a shared pool and two years for a non-shared pool.

Pool Safety Certificates


has a licensed Pool Safety Inspector to assist letting agents and landlords to meet their obligations under the Buiding Act 1975. Our services are performed by fully trained and experienced staff and we ensure that the pool is fully compliant,

will record certificate details on the pool safety register and issue a pool safety certificate for pools that comply with the legislation,

will issue a nonconformity notice for pools that do not comply with the legislation,

will make minor adjustments, relocate climbable objects or trim a tree free of charge,


will replace gate hinges and latches, install minor shielding or make minor fence repairs  during a re-inspection.  We supply materials at cost and do not charge for labour,

can be contacted 7 days a week to discuss what needs to be done to make a pool compliant.

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